CC podcast – Episode 3 – Vacation ramblings

Episode 3 of the Colourful Creativity podcast, where I show a lot of things and tell you about my vacation!

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Finished Objects
1. Baby Swirl hat:
2. V-stitch baby blanket:

Work in Progress
1. Exploration Station:
2. Dalekanium socks:
3. Puaka Shawlette:
4. Ambitious plan socks:

Hiya Hiya sharp needles in size 3.75 from Dutch Wool Diva
Frisian sheep wool from Craftfulness
Fabric from Jouw Marktkraam Enschede

Shop update
Nothing new in the shop, but yarn, yarn bowls and other things are now available in a real store, Jouw Marktkraam Enschede.

Knitting Expat Podcast
Craftfulness Podcast
Mina Makes
Made by Bir

That’s it for this time. Leave me a note, would love to hear from you!

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