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CC podcast – Episode 6 – Craft goals and a wonky banana

Hi there! Episode 6 of the colourful creativity podcast can be found here:

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Work in Progress

  1. Puaka Shawlette:

  2. Happy socks:

  3. The Doodler:


  1. Dalekanium:

  2. Exploration Station:

  3. Ladybug lace shawl:

  4. Giraffe – not even in my projects…


  1. From the Breidag I forgot to mention the Knit pro lace blocking kit

  2. Schibot garne


Aroha knits KAL

Knit and stitch bits

Mina Makes

Herbstblatt Regina Podcast

Made by Bir

Have fun watching and see you back in two weeks!