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CC podcast – Episode 9 – Merry Christmas!

Episode 9, on the second day of Christmas or Boxing day in other parts in the world 🙂 Hope you had a great Christmas! Enjoy watching 🙂

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Finished objects!

  1. Patons Kroy socks:

Work in Progress

  1. The Doodler:

  2. Trees cowl:

  3. Dalekanium socks:

  4. Festive lights socks:


  1. Sandnes garn Peer Gynt from Holst garn in Germany

  2. Wollmeise yarn and knitters nightmare yarn from Sabrina through the awesome #getyouryarnwishesgranted on Instagram

  3. A skein of Dutch Wool Diva lace glitter

  4. A Turkish spindle!

Garment KAL info

Starting date is 1st of January 2016, end date is 31st of March 2016.

More info will be in the ravelry group . There is a chatter thread and in a week there will also be a FO thread.

Knitting goals 2016

All goals are written up in the thread in the ravelry group.

Shop news

I will reopen my Etsy shop, in the first week of January, so it will be easier for international orders than translate my whole shop. Also my shipping costs will be world wide 6 euro (flat rate).

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Have fun watching and see you back in two weeks!