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CC Podcast – Episode 47 – Drinks are free

This is episode 47 and well… it is the big Binx show! I try to show you my wips as well and a whole lot of yarn! I got a big overenthusiastic in buying that stuff again 😡

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Finished objects


Work in Progress

  1. Knitted Knockers

  2. Exploration station

  3. Bonny top

  4. The longest crochet bunting

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  • Swap packages

  • Yarn from Qing fibre

  • Yarn and fiber from das Mondschaf

  • Sock yarn from Sockmade by hand

  • Project bag and pins from Stephen & Penelope

  • Pin from Katdeau


I’m working on a new collection, the Happy Hour collection. Coming next month!

Also there is a coupon code for 15% off from Frogpeak Creations, it’s valid for the whole year: COLOURFUL2017

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!