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Colourful Creativity Podcast – Episode 2 – Ambitious plans!

And yes, here we are, back again for episode 2 of the colourful creativity podcast! Editing went a lot faster this time, so no 5 days between recording and putting it online 🙂

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Finished Objects

  1. Pondalong Socks:

  2. Simple baby hat:

Work in Progress

  1. Sock yarn blanket:

  2. V-stitch baby blanket:

  3. Mini needle test sock:


Hiya Hiya sharp needles from Dutch Wool Diva

Bag and postcards from Made by Bir

Knit Pro Zing needles, Addi sock rockets and yarn from Wolhalla

Bag with goodies from Vicky from Baerenwolle

Shop update

Digital row counters –

Stormy waters sock yarn – Knitted example by Cookalotje: Marigold socks


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I guess that’s it for this time. Leave me a note, would love to hear from you!