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Colourful Creativity Podcast – Episode 1 – the launch!

Yes! Finally the first podcast is online. After days of trying to edit it finally worked out!

You can find the group on Ravelry here:

You can find the yarn shop at:

You can find me on Instagram:

You can find me on Twitter:

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You can find me on Ravelry:

Works in Progress

  1. Pondalong Socks:

  2. V-stitch baby blanket:

  3. Exploration Station:

  4. Simple baby hat:

  5. Baby Swirl hat:

  6. Mini needle test sock:

Finished Objects

Puerperium cardigan:

And the ones I couldn’t show in the video:

Birthday present shawl:—dreieckstuch

Southbay Shawlette:

Baby socks:

Birthday present socks:

Vanilla latte socks:


Photos in the video from vacation acquisitions, yarn, yarn, more yarn, some fabric and some roving to spin 🙂

Shop update

Nothing new this time, I have a new base to dye on which will be the new standard yarn from now on. Much softer than the old one!


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Knitting Expat Podcast

Made by Bir


Mina Makes


Puk Vossen – Trees cowl

I guess that’s it for this time. Leave me a note, would love to hear from you!