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CC Podcast – Episode 28 – Startitus…

This is episode 28, and I guess it’s safe to say startitus kicked in… lot’s of new wips! And another title would be the big Binx show since he hardly leaves me during the whole episode.

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Finished objects

  1. Crazy rainbow socks:

Work in Progress

  1. Teaching Sweater/Cardigan:

  2. 2 sides to the story shawl:

  3. Fall in love mittens:

  4. Dotted Rays:

  5. Knitted knockers:—breiboezem


No spinning


  • Fiber and yarn I got from Undercover Otter

  • Stephen West’s new book – Westknits Bestknits + Needle gauge

  • Fiber and project bag by Kwast Kwijt & Quilts

Shop news

Dyeing and making stuff for October at Sticks & Cups in Utrecht still but I’ll try to get some made to order Halloween stitchmarkers in the shop.

Further Mentions

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Undercover Otter

Kwast Kwijt & Quilts

Sticks & Cups

Herbstblatt Regina

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!