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CC Podcast – Episode 29 – Messy, but back!

This is episode 29, and with a bit of delay it’s here. I explain everything and well it’s messy, cats running around, sirens going and all! And of course the usual wips and yarn! 😀

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Finished objects

  1. Knitted knockers:—breiboezem

Work in Progress

  1. Jelly Rolls:

  2. Teaching Sweater/Cardigan:

  3. Charity socks


  1. Batts and rolags made from the fiber I showed last time

  2. Spindle spinning with Undercover Otter custom blend fiber – Gilman


  • Yarn from the charity socks donation from Tante Lies on Terschelling

  • Undercover Otter yarn

  • Zazu yarn

Shop news

Halloween stitchmarkers are in the shop! And of course the grand opening of Sticks & Cups in Utrecht with a lot of yarn in the clips 🙂

Further Mentions

Knit and stitch bits

Knitting Expat

Frogpeak Creations

Undercover Otter

Sticks & Cups

Tante Lies

Zazu yarn

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!