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CC Podcast – Episode 49 – Also known as the Big Binx Show

This is episode 49 and well as the title already suggest Binx steals the show. He is really made for the spotlight or at least he thinks he is 😉 I promise there is lots of yarn too! Enjoy!

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Finished objects

  1. Exploration station

Work in Progress

  1. Fins

  2. Sample knit

  3. Faded Rays

  4. The longest crochet bunting

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Tour de fleece is finished and I finished my Dutch Wool Diva batt with a 3ply, 99 meters!


  • Durable Colourful

  • Handmaiden Casbah from Schouten handwerken in Hoorn

  • Malabrigo Nube from Batts and Threads on the weversmarkt


  • The Happy Hour Collection is in my Etsy shop now!

  • I’ve also added crochet needles and cable needles and some more notions and accessories

  • Petra from Undercover Otter and I have put up the pre-order for the Awesome Advent Calendar for a very special early bird price!!! You can order it here:

Also there is a coupon code for 15% off from Frogpeak Creations, it’s valid for the whole year: COLOURFUL2017

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!