CC podcast – Episode 21 – The one without interruptions

This is episode 21 where there are no interruptions! The cats are sleeping upstairs and not showing themselves, luckily there are some cat clips added at the end! 🙂 Further fo’s, wips and lots of yarn! 😀

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Finished objects
1. Lisa’s Garden shawl – Test knit:
2. Little Coffee Bean cardigan:

Work in Progress
1. Trekkies – Rose city rollers:
2. Grow-along cardigan:—voks-med-barnejakke
3. Exploration Station:

2016-05-28 15.35.43

Tried to navajo ply on the fly for the first time… not so successful

1. Stitchmarker set with a Tardis from Undercover otter
2. Drops yarn from

Shop news
Yarns are up, stitchmarkers are up next 🙂

Further Mentions
Knit and stitch bits
Mina Makes
Herbstblatt Regina podcast
Mirjam Molenbeek podcast
Craftfulness podcast
A lazy knitter podcast

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!

One thought on “CC podcast – Episode 21 – The one without interruptions

  1. Awesome again! Its like a tea party every time I watch your podcast!
    And I think it is possible to make rolags from a carder, but I’m nor exactly sure how to do that (yet). So those will probably be done on a blending board for now, since I’m laaaaaazy.

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