CC podcast – Episode 22 – Crash Boom Bang

This is episode 22 where the cats are back to their naughty self! Binx might have gotten a big scare but he is okay, Leia is relaxing in the sun and there are wips, acquisitions and shop news!

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Finished objects
Nope! Just not yet only a few rows to go…

2016-06-14 15.43.22

Work in Progress
1. Grow-along cardigan:—voks-med-barnejakke
2. Trekkies – Rose city rollers:
3. Exploration Station:
4. Zomer Trees Kal:

1. Yarn from Herbstblatt Regina
2. 750 knitting stitches book

Shop news
HiyaHiya Socksets are up! Yarn, ball winders, stitch markers, more knitting needles etc. are coming… also new yarn base in extra white is here!

Further Mentions
Knit and stitch bits
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Puk Vossen
Herbstblatt Regina podcast
Joeli Creates
Sara’s texture crafts
Knatters knits podcast
Geeky puffin knit palooza

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!

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