CC podcast – Episode 44 – Wip galore

This is episode 44 in which I show you all my wips and trust me there are plenty this week! Also yarn or course 😀

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Finished objects
1. Lambs, chickens and bunnies, Oh my!

Work in Progress
1. Symphony socks
2. Exploring the station
3. Match and Move
4. Neon is my neutral – Hermione’s everyday socks
5. Peacock eyes cardigan


* crochet hooks
* drops fabel yarn

Shop news
* I’m dyeing up as many no rainbows without rain as I can for the shopupdate next week
* There will also be Colourful stripelets yarn!
* The cable brim hat is now published on ravelry

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!

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