CC Podcast – Episode 45 – Confession time, I hate weaving in ends

This is episode 45 in which I show you all FO’s, my wips a lot of pretty yarn 🙂 Leia and Binx also make their appearance and I have a confession to make…

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Finished objects
1. Symphony socks
2. Match and Move
3. Honey and clover

Work in Progress
1. Bonny
2. Rainbow Bridges
3. Neon is my neutral – Hermione’s everyday socks


* La bien Aimee yarn and yellow fringe supplies projectbag
* Kremke Yakusi lace yarn
* Fabric and yarn from ‘t Kleinvakheukske in Delden

Annette Petavy in English
Sassy Sheep

Shop news
* There is still a lot in the shop
* Cocoknits Stitch stoppers small and stitch marker rings larger are back in stock
* New Cocoknits notions are coming!

Have fun watching and see you back for the next episode!

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